Crystal Beran
author of novels and screenplays

About Crystal Beran

Crystal Beran has always wanted to fill all the blank white spaces in the world with stories. If she finished a math quiz early, she’d write a fairy tale in the margins. If things were slow at work, the boss would find her scribbling away on paper coffee cups and the backs of customer receipts. And if anyone tried to take away her paper, she’d just write on her hands and clothes. She's the author of young adult novel Artemis Dreamt, published in 2014 by Raintown Press, and One Flew Away, a feature screenplay currently in development. Visit her here or at the beach, where she lives with her human family and her cats, Ariel and Jake.


Contrary to the bump on her head she got today when she ran into a doorframe and the ginormous bruise on her leg from when she marched into a fire hydrant, Crystal has vision and can see. She should wear her glasses more often.


10,000 hours of my life wasted. Thanks, Gladwell.


Nah. Not a fan. 


Is a terrible word to use anywhere, especially somewhere where people can see it.

Skills Include:

  • Storytelling
  • Wordsmithing
  • Listing skillz
  • Cats!
  • Ninja
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Brewing beer